• A referral-based recruitment platform for the savvy hiring manager


    Hiring managers with the best teams understand the need to leverage their network, MeeUp helps bring this to life with the marriage between technology and the human touch of referrals.

Build your dream team reliably

Over 93% of top performers come through a friend or networking contact; harness the power of referrals when finding the best talent and fit for your needs.


Say goodbye to the expensive and old ways

Who can say no when we charge a flat fee, 10x* below market rates for a superior service?



Get what you need, fast

Avoid the trap of given irrelevant candidates; our platform merges the power of technology by amplifying your job posting within trusted networks without forgetting the human touch in picking just the right person for the role.


Our Team


Alexander Ting

Chief Executive Officer

Alex is responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the firm’s strategic direction.


Jeffrey Lui

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff oversees the firm’s technology development and all scientific and technological issues.


Jason Lee

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason leads sales management, distribution channel management, marketing communications (including advertising and promotions), and market research.

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